Cooling Chill Hammocks

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Please note these hammocks are not designed for chewers.

They made out of canvas with a pouch inside to hold either a tile or bottle.

The tile or bottle can be removed easily though the Velcro opening.

To make the hammock more chill put the tile in the freezer to cool then put in the pouch.

Or half fill the glass bottle with water and put in the freezer to freeze then put in the pouch.

Do not fully fill bottle completely in order to allow for water expansion when frozen.

Additional bottles or tiles can be added.

Rectangle 40 x 30 cm

Double version top 20 x 20 top bottom 30 x 30

Tile 15 cm x 15 cm Bottle 7 cm x 15 cm

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30 x 40 with Bottle, 30 x 40 with Bottle Extra Bottle, 30 x 40 with Tile, 30 x 40 with Tile and Extra Tile, Double with Bottle, Double with Bottle Extra Bottle, Double with Tile, Double with Tile and Extra Tile

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