Rat Natural toy set

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Natural climbing set for cage Pet Rat toy accessories, climbing net, fall breaker, Natural cage accessories rats, hamsters, mice, birds

Set includes

1 x plainted cotton Rope 100cm D clips with lanyard clips. In order to hang from cage.

3 x mini perches Length Sizes are between 8-10 cm and about 2 cm width

1 x activity perch 20 cm long 3cm diameter with hooks to hang food and toys.

1 x log hang toy

1 x log long toy

Optional extra Cargo Net

Made with cotton rope

Square spaces are 10 cm x 10cm

Has lanyard clips on 4 ends to attach to cage.

Can pick 30 cm x 50 cm or 30 x 90 cm

30 Cm x 50 cm

These sets are made to order and do take a long time to make. I am unable to rush them.

Due to handmade nature this does look different at times. Measurements are estimated.

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